Frequently Asked Questions: Pre-Construction

Does Helicon provide a warranty?
We are proud to offer an industry leading firm foundation warranty on all sinkhole services. 

How do I choose a contractor?
In person interviews with a project manager from the companies you are considering for the repair will allow you to get your most important questions answered and will help you make an educated decision. 

How do I know if my property has sinkhole conditions?
Developers are required — by law — to test soil conditions on a site prior to building homes or commercial property. They are not, however, required to do sinkhole testing.

Is it worth it to install pre-construction helical piers before we build a house?
It is easier and more cost-effective to underpin a foundation or stabilize weak soils before a home is built. Upfront shoring of the foundation of a home can potentially offset the cost of sinkhole loss coverage over the life of the mortgage.

Who is capable of installing these pre-construction processes?
Contact Helicon to find out how pre-construction helical piers can protect your new home and save you money on sinkhole insurance premiums. As a recognized leader in sinkhole remediation and with over a decade of experience, Helicon has completed thousands of successful projects.