Helicon's Displacement Piles

Displacement Piles

Helicon’s displacement piles are bored, cast in-place, grouted piles installed by advancing our unique displacement tool into the ground with a drilling platform capable of applying high torque to the displacement tool.

Displacement piles are piles that actually disturb the material they are driven into. The project manager determines where the piling spoils will be placed in the ground or determine if soil conditions support the need for this type of piling. Helicon has the necessary equipment and construction expertise to complete even the most challenging displacement piling projects in Florida.

Advantages of Displacement Piles

  • No soil removal costs
  • No environmental concerns.
  • No shock and vibration during pile execution.
  • No disruption to surrounding properties.
  • Minimum amount of spoil material.
  • No supporting fluid also in loose soils.
  • Higher bearing capacity than LDP and CFA piles.
  • Reduced concrete consumption.
  • High daily production rate.

Displacement Pile Common Uses

  • Provide structural support
  • Provide earth retention

Download Displacement Piles Brochure