The Importance Of Using A Water Restoration Company

By: Jeff Philbin, Helicon Property Restoration Marketing Director

A water restoration company has to neutralize a number of threats when handling a job. Technicians in the field have to be able to track moisture, detect the damage it has caused, evaluate the fidelity of any affected material, find and eliminate microbial infestations, dispose of destroyed material, and dry the rest until it is safe to use again. Performing all of these processes in a timely manner requires great skill, technology, and hands-on experience. Home and business owners expect the professionals they hire to demonstrate these traits, so thorough training is a must before entering the industry. 
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is one of the leaders in the water restoration industry. Any company that wants to be on the leading edge of the field would do well to consider classes through the IICRC. This agency has been around for decades, and is the most respected oversight organization in many carpet and textile treatment industries. It offers dozens of classes and certifications, each of which incorporates current techniques and technology into the coursework. The IICRC teaches this information through approved instructors located around the world. The organization’s decentralized educational process means that a student can easily find an instructor nearby. Each teacher is tasked to uphold the IICRC’s standards, which are generally considered best practices among most professionals and consumers. 
Any technician with a water restoration company can stand to benefit greatly from this coursework. The class is taught over three days, for a total of 19 hours of instruction time. During instruction, the student will learn how to identify and remove pockets of excess moisture and standing liquid in the home. They will also be taught how to inspect compromised material for structural stability, and determine what can be saved and what will need to be removed. The technician will also learn how to find microbial contamination like molds and how to remove them. Finally, the instructor will show the technician how to properly dry materials, using detection devices to determine the amount of moisture in any item.  

There are several ways a home can be exposed to damage from standing liquids, so a water restoration company must be ready to work in nearly any environment. For this reason, the technician will also learn how to handle a variety of problems, from standing floodwaters to sewage backflows to catastrophic pipe leaks. Each poses its own set of safety risks, so a technician must be prepared to ensure they will be safe while on the job.  
The IICRC also offers advanced designations for a water restoration company that wants to improve its reputation further. After a year of experience in the field, a technician can garner journeyman status by passing three classes, including a carpet cleaning course, a carpet repair course, and a water damage restoration class. After three years, a technician can achieve master status by passing these courses plus a structural drying class, a health and safety course, and a mold remediation course. Once a firm or professional is certified, they will command respect from their peers and additional business from consumers. 

Time to bring in professional assistance. 

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